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Erikaj asked:
I am doing a course in FA and the company claims to be registered with D of [read more]
Published on 21 Jul. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk Health and safety
suest asked:
Does the square meterage differ per employee, from a normal office to a branch [read more]
Published on 17 Jul. 2017 in: Environmental Square meterage
neilj asked:
Hi, we have a contracted company on site responsible for cleaning. can we [read more]
Published on 03 Jul. 2017 in: Contractors
brisseacc asked:
One of my clients had a 16.1 who appointed a 1.2. The CEO has now resigned. A [read more]
Published on 22 Jun. 2017 in: OHSA Appointment letters
Due to restricted space, can paraplegics (both male and female) share a female [read more]
Published on 15 Jun. 2017 in: OHSA Facilities regulation
Cim8883 asked:
Is there a legal appointment for equipment inspector? [read more]
Published on 14 Jun. 2017 in: Construction
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Johanvs asked:
In our company the line management is as follow. Health and safety manager [read more]
Published on 13 Jun. 2017 in: OHSA Manufacturing and on site servicing
zion2403 asked:
My husband was injured on duty recently and it has now come to our attention [read more]
Published on 08 Jun. 2017 in: COID Advice required
TVW asked:
Hi, In an office park with 2 stories and multiple different companies of [read more]
Published on 06 Jun. 2017 in: Health and Safety Representatives Appointments
Are u able to assist with an event infrastructure layout checklist,particularly [read more]
Published on 05 Jun. 2017 in: Construction
Wendyk asked:
good day, when preparing a safety file for a different projects do I have to [read more]
Published on 18 May. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
Is there any regulations around the storage and transportation of compressed [read more]
Published on 10 May. 2017 in: OHSA Health and safety
steventosh asked:
I'm the only Director and i have two employees sorting waste on customers site. [read more]
Published on 26 Apr. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
Mumtaz asked:
We manufacture Laundry & Home care products like Detergent Powder and Liquid [read more]
Published on 18 Apr. 2017 in: OHSA
MOS asked:
With so much training and dedication with the skills to match and approvals by [read more]
Published on 10 Apr. 2017 in: OHSA Section 26 ohsa 85 of 1993
Nonolake asked:
Good Day, I would like to know if it illegal to give out pain killers to an [read more]
Published on 06 Apr. 2017 in: Emergencies Email marketing
Dalene654 asked:
1. Can you register a TRUST for COID? 2. How long does it take to register a [read more]
Published on 06 Apr. 2017 in: COID Online coid
teresa2426 asked:
we are a new business and I am needing to prepare and health and safety file by [read more]
Published on 28 Mar. 2017 in: OHSA She file
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sabs asked:
Good day can you please help me urgently with a appointment for bobcat operator [read more]
Published on 28 Mar. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk Safety appointments
Fionap asked:
Good day If there is only one person who is the owner of the company how do [read more]
Published on 16 Mar. 2017 in: OHSA Appointment

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