Did Wayne’s accident leave him permanently disabled? Here’s how COID will react

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 23 Sep. 2014

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Wayne works in the crane on your construction site. He’s very careful about his safety and you never worry about him. That’s until one day a storm starts while he’s working. He starts to climb down and gets ten metres from the ground when disaster strikes.

A lightning flash causes Wayne to miss his grip on the ladder and he falls. He lands awkwardly on his back and severs his spine.

Now Wayne will never walk again.

Here’s how COID will treat Wayne’s injury when it comes to compensation…


Here’s how COID will treat the compensation for Wayne’s injury

Because this accident happened due to his work, COID will pay him compensation for his injury. But since it wasn’t just an injury, his accident left him permanently disables COID will handle his claim differently.
You see, COID defines “permanent disability” as a person’s permanent inability to perform any work because of an incident or occupational disease for which compensation is payable.
Wayne definitely falls into this category, so COID will pay him a lump sum and pension for his disablement but these are limited. It’s not like winning the Lotto! 
If the disability is more than a 30% disability, Wayne will get a monthly pension. The size of the pension depends on what his wages were and on the seriousness of the disability. 
If he has a 100% disability he’ll get paid 75% (¾ ) of his wages. If the disability is less serious, you’ll use the following formula to work out the monthly payment: [wages * (75 ÷ 100)] * (disability% ÷ 100).
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Here’s what this means so you can help employees like Wayne get compensation

Your employee’s doctor’s report (W.CL.4) will indicate his level (%) of disability. Wayne’s severed spine is a 100% disability which means he’ll get a monthly pay out from COID instead of the lump sum.
Now that know how COID will deal with this compensation ensure employees like Wayne get the money they’re entitled to.

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