Does COID consider hearing loss a permanent disability?

Club, 25 Sep. 2014

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COID will give your employees compensation if they suffer a serious injury while at work. This is generally very simple. But when it comes to injuries that permanently affect your employee, it becomes a bit more complicated.

This is even more complicated when it comes to injuries such as hearing loss.

Because they may not affect your employee’s ability to work, many people get confused about whether it counts as a disability.

To help you understand COID’s thinking, we’re revealing whether or not COID sees hearing loss as a permanent disability…


Here’s what you need to do to claim hearing loss as a permanent disability from COID

Yes, COID does consider hearing loss a permanent disability. The definition of this is simply that a factor of your employee’s job permanently altered his body in some way.
If your employee permanently loses his hearing because of his job, then it’s a permanent disability COID will pay for.
But you need to understand how this process works before you try to claim for it.
The first thing you need to know about the hearing loss is how it happened. Was it because of excessive noise or head trauma?
An ENT specialist can tell you what caused the hearing loss after an examination.
Then you need to know whether it’s binaural or monaural hearing loss. This simply means whether it’s in one or both ears.
Finally, you need to know what documents you need to claim permanent disability for your employee’s hearing loss.
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These are the documents you’ll need to claim for your employee’s hearing loss

According to the DoL, these are the documents you’ll need:
Claimant service record: This details the nature of your employee’s work and the noise he was exposed to if it’s noise induced hearing loss.
Medical opinion (doctor’s report – W.CL.4): This is your employee’s doctor’s report on the injury. It must show if it’s compatible with noise induced or trauma hearing loss. 
Audiograms: You need audiograms to measure the noise intensity. Lastly you need a copy of the baseline audiogram and proof of your employee’s identity.
With the right documents you can be sure you can get your employee permanent disability compensation for his hearing loss. 

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