Here’s what COID will do if Jacob loses his arm in a workplace accident

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 26 Sep. 2014

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It’s a normal day at work and your employee Jacob is working on the new metal pressing machine. You’re sure he knows what he’s doing until disaster strikes.

Jacob reaches up to adjust a setting and as he does so his sleeve catches on a moving part of the machine. It quickly pulls his arm into the pressing mechanism.

Jacob’s arm needs to be amputated after this accident and it leaves him permanently disable.

The good news is he can get compensation from COID.

Here’s what COID will do in this situation…


This is what COID will do to help Jacob

COID considers any injury your employee will never fully recover from as a permanent disability. When it comes to permanent disabilities it will give employees compensation based on their disability percentage.
The Compensation Commissioner will determine your employee’s disability percentage. It represents the seriousness of the disability and the impact it will have on his life.
Normally the loss of a limb, such as Jacobs arm, is a 50% disability and loss of two is a 100% disability. 
Here’s how the percentage affects Jacob’s disability compensation.
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Jacob’s disability percentage will affect his compensation in the following way

Because the loss of a limb has a percentage higher than 30%, COID will give Jacob a monthly pension. 
He could get up to 75% (¾ ) of his wages for this pension. If the disability is less serious, you’ll use the following formula to work out the monthly payment: [wages * (75 ÷ 100)] * (disability% ÷ 100).
This money will help Jacob survive if his disability prevents him from working.
There you have it. If your employee loses a limb or both he can get permanent disability compensation from COID

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