Here’s what you must do if the Director General holds an inquiry about an incident you reported

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 01 Oct. 2014

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When your employee has a workplace injury, you must help him claim compensation from COID. The first step of this process is to report the incident to COID.

But before the Commissioner even begins to process your claim, the Director General may hold an inquiry about the accident. This could be part of a COID assessment process to decide if it will pay compensation or not.

You need to do everything you can to ensure this inquiry doesn’t lead to your employee losing his compensation because that means you have to foot the bill.

Here’s what you must do to prevent this if the Director General queries the accident…


Here’s what COIDA says about Director General’s accident inquiries

When you report an accident to the Compensation Commissioner, the Director General can make an inquiry into the accident to decide on the claim or liability (COIDA Section 40.1). 
You must give any information about the accident and injuries to the Director General when he requires it (COIDA Section 40.2).
You or your employee can ask the Director General for any information you may need to comply with his requirements (COIDA Section 40.3).
If you, or your employee, don’t comply, you’ll be guilty of an offence and the Director General might refuse to pay the claim (COIDA Section 40.4, 5).
This means you must give the Director General any information he needs. If you don’t, it’s a criminal offence.
Here’s what to do to ensure you can always comply with his demands.
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Do this so you can always comply with the Director General’s requests

When a workplace accident happens, do a full investigation. Document the accident in detail during the investigation. 
During the investigation, record every witness interview and piece of evidence. 
Make duplicate copies of your accident investigation report and keep the original somewhere safe. 
This way if the Director General holds an inquiry into the accident and requests documents from you, you can comply with his requests. 

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