If accidents keep happening, it could be because you haven’t done this

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 11 Jul. 2014

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Workplace accidents are irritating things. You have to drop everything to ensure everyone’s okay before you secure the scene. Then you must do an accident investigation followed by an accident report. And then you have to deal with COID to get workers’ compensation for your injured employees.

With a process that takes this long, you may feel the temptation to cut corners. That is until a similar accident happens again... And again... And AGAIN.

At what point do you stop and say “something’s not right here”.

Because something’s definitely not right and it might shock you to know it could be your fault...

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Here’s why recurring workplace accidents could be your fault

You know those cut corners we talked about? Those ones you want to take because of how long the whole accident process takes?
They are, in fact, the reason why you have a problem with recurring workplace accidents!
You see, if you don’t follow accident protocol properly, you could miss something. This is especially true when it comes to incident investigations.
If you don’t do this step thoroughly and correctly, you won’t find out what the true cause is. If you don’t know this you can’t prevent future accidents.
So put a stop to those recurring accidents by following proper protocol...

Here’s the protocol you must follow to put a stop to recurring workplace accidents

When a workplace accident happens you must:
- Make sure everyone involved is okay and give first aid to anyone who’s injured. 
- Secure the scene so no one else gets hurt.
- Get your investigation team together and interview everyone who was involved.
- Discuss the information you got from the interview and agree on the cause.
- Put proper safety precautions in place to prevent similar accidents from happening in future.
The bottom line: If you stick to this protocol, you can prevent workplace accidents from being a recurring problem.
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