Peter died in a workplace accident. Here’s what you must do to help his family

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 11 Dec. 2014

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Imagine this: Everyone on your construction site is hard at work. Suddenly, there’s a massive gust of wind that pushes the scaffolding over.

Your employee Peter is on the scaffolding at the time. He falls and the scaffolding crushes him as it hits the ground.

Peter is the sole breadwinner in his family. And his death leaves his family without an income.

The good news is COID offers benefits to dependants of employees who die in workplace accidents.

You have to help them do this, just like you’d help your employee claim injury compensation from COID.

Here’s what you have to do to do this…

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Here’s how to help your employee’s family claim death benefits from COID

To help your employee’s dependants claim from COID, you must submit:
·         A marriage certificate;
  • Children’s birth certificates;
  • Peter’s death certificate;
  • Declaration by the spouse (form WCL32);
  • Your incident report;
  • Funeral accounts (form WCL46); and
  • Details of your income and property.
 The dependants who can benefit from this COID claim include:
-          A widow or widower;
-          A child under the age of 18; and
-          Anyone that was partly or completely financially dependent on your employee, such as an ageing parent.
(The COID Compliance Guide has more information about each of these types of dependants.)
When you send in these documents, COID will look at the claim and decide whether to pay it or not.
Then you have to make sure your employee’s dependants get the right amount of compensation.
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Here’s how much compensation your employee’s dependants should get

The amount of compensation the dependants will get depends on their relationship to your employee. But the total amount of compensation won’t be more than the pension your employee would get if he was alive but 100% disabled. This equals 75% of his monthly wage according to COIDA.
For example, if Peter earned R12 000 a month, his pension would be R9 000 a month.
His spouse will get a lump sum as her death benefits. COID sets this at 2 X 75% of your employee’s wages. This means Peter’s wife will get a lump sum of R18 000.
She also gets a monthly pension for life. COID sets this at 40% of the R9 000. This means she gets R3 600 a month as a pension.
A child under the age of 18 can get a monthly pension of 20% of the R9 000. This means Peter’s son will get R1 800 a month. This pension will stop on the child’s 18th birhtday. But, this can continue if the child is mentally or physically disabled.   
If there’s no spouse or children, a dependent family member can get  the compensation (for example, Peter’s parents).
The amount of compensation this family member gets depends on whether they were fully or partially dependent on your employee.
It’s up to you to help your employee’s family get the compensation they deserve. Do this by helping them claim and appeal the decision if it’s not enough.
Find out more about your obligation to your employee’s dependants in the COID Compliance Guide

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