Three disabilities COID will give your employee a monthly pension for

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 29 Sep. 2014

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If your employee has an accident at work that leads to a serious and permanent disability COID will give him disability compensation.

If the disability is really serious and impacts his life and ability to work in a big way, COID will give him a monthly pension.

But this depends on the percentage the Compensation Commissioner gives him. If it’s 31% or higher, then he’ll get this monthly pension.

Here are three such disabilities COID will give your employee a monthly pension for…


COID will give your employee a monthly pension for these three disabilities

Disability 1: Loss of hearing in both ears
If your employee goes completely deaf in both ears, the Commissioner will give him a disability percentage of 50%. This seriously impacts his life and ability to work. He can still function in a relatively normal way in other areas however.
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Disability 2: The loss of both limbs
This is a 100% disability because of the extreme impact it has on your employee’s life and ability to work. 
When I say “loss of both limbs”, I don’t just mean a doctor had to amputate them. If your employee’s accident left him paralysed so he couldn’t use both his arms or legs it also counts as losing both limbs.
This is one of the most serious kinds of disabilities so your employee will get the highest pension possible.
Disability 3: Loss of sight in both eyes
This also has a disability percentage of 100% because your employee can’t function in a normal way once he loses the use of both eyes. He won’t be able to live normally or work anymore so here he’ll also get the highest pension possible.
If any of these three types of injuries happen to your employee ensure he gets the compensation he deserves. 

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