Use these two tips to reduce your COID stress

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 29 Aug. 2014

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It can be stressful trying to get compensation for your employee if he injures himself. You have to report it to COID and then apply for compensation. But there’s no guarantee COID will pay up.

If you missed a step or filled in a COID form incorrectly, it could affect the whole process.

You can avoid this though.

All it takes is a bit of care and some effort to ensure you follow the right process to get your employee workers’ compensation.

We have two tips that’ll help you do just that...


These two tips will ensure you handle COID compensation claims with ease

Tip #1: Keep a clear and detailed list of all the COID forms and the order you must send them it. This list must detail what each form is for and when you must send it in. This will help you stick to the right process every time you need to claim compensation for your employees.
Without this, you may forget a step in your hurry to get it all done and out the way.
The next tip will help you track your history with the compensation fund.
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Tip #2: Keep copies of every form you complete and submit for all of your employees, every time they have an accident. 
This way you can track how often your employees claim from COID and the accidents they claim for. This enables you to monitor your accident and claim rate. If you can see it’s too high, it’ll affect your COID rebate. 
There you have it! Use these two tips to help you control your claims for compensation for occupational injury or disease from COID

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