Warning: Exposing your employees to these ten things can make them very sick

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 03 Jul. 2014

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You’re very aware of protecting your employees from injuries. Accidents seem to lurk around every corner to hurt and disable your workforce.

So you work tirelessly to ensure they are safe from workplace accidents. And have every possible accident prevention measure in place.

But have you forgotten something? Did you ensure your workplace is hygienic? Have you checked if your employees work with toxic substances?

In fact, if you haven’t protected your employees from these ten health risks, they could end up very sick!

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Ten things that cause an “occupational disease”

According to the Health and Safety Advisor, an “occupational disease” is any negative health effect that occurs because of or during their employment with you.
It lists ten health risks that can cause an occupational disease. These are:
1. Organic or inorganic dust;
2. Asbestos and asbestos dust;
3. Sensitising agents like platinum, nickel, salt or fungi to name a few. These can cause occupational asthma;
4. Irritants; alkalis, acids or fumes. These can cause erosion of the tissue inside their mouths and noses;
5. Dust, liquids or other external agents can cause allergic reactions;
6. Benzene and other solvents can cause cancers such as leukaemia;
7. Animals and their products infected with Q-fever can spread the disease to your employees;
8. Excessive noise exposure;
9. Exposure to vibrating equipment or whole body vibrations; and
10. Repetitive movement.
So what should you do if your employees get sick because of any of these health risks?
If any of your employees get sick from any of these things and can’t work for more than three days, they have a right to compensation.
To give them this compensation you must register with COID. Then you can place a claim with the compensation fund. This way, your employees won’t lose out even if they fall ill.
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