Warning: Give COID the wrong info and you’ll end up paying the costs of compensation yourself!

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 16 Apr. 2014

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Did you know failure to provide COID with the correct info could cost you thousands in compensation costs? And that’s why you should So NEVER give COID false info when it comes to the following…

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Don’t provide the wrong information or you could end up paying the costs of compensation yourself:

The Health & Safety Advisor says if your employee dies or is disabled because of an accident at work and you provide false information about the accident to the Commissioner, the Director General might not pay the full or partial compensation or medical costs.

He can make your company or mutual association liable to pay for compensation (Section 26 of COIDA).

So make sure your info regarding the following is correct:
  • Information about the injury (for example, broken arm) or occupational disease (example, hearing loss) and how it happened;
  • Your employee isn’t suffering from an injury or occupational disease at the time of notification;
  • Your employee hasn’t suffered from a serious injury or occupational disease in the past;
  • The death or disablement resulted from aggravation from a previous serious injury or occupational disease;
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That’s not all… COID might not pay if you provide the wrong info about the following
  • The death or disablement resulted from the employee refusing to submit to reasonable medical assistance;
  • The death or disablement resulted from the employee willfully neglecting to undergo medical assistance; and
  • The death or disablement was caused by the accident or a previous accident.

There you have it. Being truthful is crucial when it comes to COID. If you want to avoid paying the costs of compensation yourself, make sure the info you submit is correct.

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