Writing an incident report? Ensure it contains these 13 pieces of information

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 10 Jul. 2014

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If your employee has an accident, they may get compensation if the accident stops them from working for more than three days and it wasn’t their fault.

For your employee to be able to claim, they need an incident report. This is something you must complete at the end of your incident investigation.

And it must include this information...

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Include this information in your incident report

There are 13 things you must include in your accident report:
1.       Name of the employer (your company’s name);
2.       Name of the injured employee;
3.       The injured employee’s ID number;
4.       Date of the incident;
5.       Time of the incident;
6.       Parts of your employee’s body that were affected by injury;
(Hand, finger, torso, eye, head, neck, arm, leg, foot, multiple or internal);
7.       How did the accident effect the employee?
(Muscle sprains, wounds, fractures, burns, amputation, electric shock, asphyxiation, unconsciousness, poisoning, occupational disease);
8.       The amount of time your employee might be off for;
9.       If it’s not an injury then, include a description of the occupational disease;
10.   Details of the employee’s work
(Machine, process involved, the type of work, exposure, substances such as chemicals or gasses);
11.   Have you reported the incident to the Compensation Commissioner?
12.   Did you report any fatalities from the accident to the police?
13.   If “yes” to the point above, include notes and a reference number from the SAPS.
If your accident report has all of this information in it, your employee can claim workers’ compensation from COID.
Just ensure you do a full accident investigation into the accident to ensure all the information is correct.
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