Here’s what the Meyersdal collapse can teach you about dealing with fatal building collapses

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 20 Aug. 2014

Tags: construction site accident, fatal accident, how to deal with fatal accidents, meyersdal building collapse

On Monday, a structure for a house on a housing estate in Meyersdal collapsed and killed nine people. As a construction company owner, you must do everything you can to prevent these kinds of accidents.

But when a collapse like this happens, you can learn something from the way emergency services and construction workers handled this tragedy.

You see when fatal accidents like this happen you need to get in gear and deal with it A.S.A.P. And when you do, follow the example of the Meyersdal collapse...


Follow the Meyersdal process if a building collapses on your construction site

According to the, after the accident, the first thing emergency services did was to treat and transport people who had serious injuries to hospital. During this process, emergency services also worked to remove the bodies of the nine dead. 
At 04:30pm the SAPS dog units were still on site searching for more possible survivors. The survivors received counselling on the scene.
And this process is critical.
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Here’s what you can learn from the Meyersdal collapse when it comes to dealing with fatal accidents 

As you can see, after this collapse emergency services:
1. Recovered, treated and transported the injured;
2. Removed the dead;
3. Continued to look for survivors; and
4. Counselled those that survived.
If a fatal accident happens on your construction site, follow the same process. It’s important to get started with an accident investigation, but when the accident has caused fatalities your priority is to deal with this first.
Only once you have rescued and treated the injured and removed the dead, can you move forward with your investigation.




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