To avoid a Tongaat-Mall-type disaster, carry out these two tests on site

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 29 Jul. 2014

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The Tongaat Mall investigation is still underway. More and more evidence from the investigation suggests the contractors didn’t do their job properly.

It appears they forgot to carry out some very important tests on the structural support pillars that held the mall up. Because of this, they didn’t know these pillars were weak.

This is the reason behind the collapse. So if you want to avoid this type of disaster, ensure you carry out these two tests on site...

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You must carry out these two tests on your construction site to avoid a Tongaat Mall disaster

When you start any building project, pay attention to your foundation and support structures. These are the two things that’ll keep the building upright and strong. 
If you just assume these elements are fine because your builders know what they’re doing, you may face serious problems.
So ensure you carry out these two tests on site:
1) A site and land inspection test
Get a land inspector to come and inspect the site. He’ll assess whether or not the site is actually buildable and what you’ll need to do to make it buildable. He can also warn you about things such as very soft foundation soil that could shift. 
This will cause serious structural problems if you build on ground like this. By asking a expert to come, test and assess the site you can avoid problems such as your foundation cracking.
Then, one you start building you must do this next test...
2) Concrete testing is vital to ensure your building is structurally sound
You must do concrete testing on the support pillars for your building. These must include strength and hardness testing to determine the durability of the concrete. 
If you find the strength of the concrete isn’t enough to support the weight of the building, you must instruct your employees to remake them, otherwise it’ll collapse the way the Tongaat Mall did.
So never forget to carry out these tests to ensure your building is safe and secure.
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