Warning: Poor quality building materials are a serious health and safety threat

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 22 Aug. 2014

Tags: building supplies, building materials, construction material, health and safety hazard

Think about what holds up the building your company constructs. There’s the bricks, cement, metal cables, wire structures and steal support bars. All of these have to be strong enough to hold up the weight of the building structure.

Now if your company uses lower quality building materials, do you think these will have the same strength to support the building?

Chances are they won’t and this will lead to serious health and safety hazards.

Read on to find out why...


Here’s why those lower quality building materials are such a health and safety hazard

Let’s say your site managers get bricks from a new supplier. When they arrive, the bricks are weak and crumbly, but they’ve already paid for them so they use them. 
Because these bricks are weak, they crack and crumble under the increased weight, as your employees build. 
This means the building will have serious weak spots and that can lead to structural failures and collapses like the one that happened in Meyersdal on Monday. 
These collapses can seriously injure and even kill your employees if they’re in the building at the time.
You can prevent this though, by simply creating an internal control system to manage where your employees get their supplies.
Here’s what you can do...
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Here’s how to control where your employees are getting their building materials

You must create a list of the suppliers your employees can get building supplies from. You must make it clear that they can’t order supplies from any suppliers that aren’t on that list.
Instruct all your employees to submit their order forms and invoices for building supplies to head office. This will help you check if they’re only using suppliers that are on your list.
This will help you ensure your buildings are strong and won’t collapse. 




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