Does your office house large amounts of electrical equipment? It could be a fire risk

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 09 Sep. 2014

Tags: fire risks, fire hazards, technical fire risks, workplace fire, fire from electrical equipment

Last week there was a fire in Big Brother Africa house. The cause of this fire is still unknown pending further investigation but it’s quite likely that the fire was because of technical equipment.

After all, the Big Brother house contains massive amounts of electric cables, equipment and power outlets. Any of these could be the culprit for the fire.

Now take a look around your workplace. Do you see large quantities of electrical equipment?

If you do, it could be a fire risk and you need to deal with it.

Here’s how...


Here’s how to deal with the fire risks from your electrical equipment

One of the most common causes of fires is electric extension cables. 
What happens is people use far too many of them and they get all tangled together. They then overheat, their plastic coating melts and the wires touch. When this happens, it’s an instant fire.
You need to ensure all of your cables and their power outlets, are in good condition and never over used or over crowded.
The next thing you need to do is inspect all of your electrical equipment. If any of it is in a bad condition, it’ll cause serious problems. These machines could easily overheat and spark.
If your equipment is looking very old and damaged, it’s safer to just replace it. Get a specialised technician or electrician in to help you assess your equipment. 
Here’s the last thing you need to do.
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Here’s the last thing you should do to prevent your electrical equipment starting a fire

Look at where your equipment is in your workplace. If it’s close to water, the equipment could short circuit. If this is the case, move your equipment to a safer place.
By doing this, you can greatly reduce the risk of your electrical equipment causing a fire and keep your company safe.

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