Don’t just assume your employees will read your emergency procedures manual. Rather do this to ensure they know your emergency procedures

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 08 Sep. 2014

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Every company should have an emergency procedures manual that outlines what your employees must do during an emergency. But how many of your employees actually read your manual?

After all, no one thinks there’ll be a fire in their workplace until there is.

So how can you ensure your employees know and remember your emergency procedures?

There’s actually a very simple way you can do this and it won’t cost you anything extra.

Here’s what you can do...


Here’s what you can do to ensure your employees remember your emergency procedures

The best way to help your employees know and remember your procedures is to train them. Do a toolbox talk on what they should do in an emergency and walk them through the process. 
This way you don’t have to rely on them reading your emergency procedures manual to know what to do. 
But even with this training, your employees may not remember what to do in an emergency situation.
Here’s what to do to help them remember what you taught them.
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Include this in your emergency training so your employees don’t forget what to do

Your employees may forget what to do in an emergency because they get scared or panic. That’s why you should give them an easy way to remember what to do. 
The best way to do this is with easy acronyms. We recommend the acronym C.A.L.M. It stands for: 
C: Calmly leave your desk 
A: Attend to anyone that needs help
L: Leave the workplace
M: Move away from the building once outside
This is a word your employees won’t forget because they can associate it with staying calm in the situation. So create similar acronyms to help your employees remember what to do. Just ensure they’re short and easy to remember.
It’s that simple to help your employees remember the emergency procedures they must follow.

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