Here’s what Sam needs to do when he discovers a fire in your office

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 03 Oct. 2014

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Imagine this scenario: Sam is at his desk, working hard when he smells something burning. He gets up to investigate and follows the smell to your server room. When he gets there, he discovers a short in one of the cables has sparked. Now there’s a small blaze happening in your server room.

This is an emergency! If Sam doesn’t handle it right, that fire could easily get out of hand.

And that’s why he has to act fast to start procedures and get everyone out while the fire team extinguishes the fire. To do this, he must fulfil these five responsibilities…


If your employee discovers a workplace emergency he has these five duties

1. Activate the fire alarm immediately. Break the “break glass unit” and push the alarm activation button.
2. Take note of the time and circumstances of the incident and report it to the Emergency Coordinator as soon as reasonably possible.
3. Don’t move casualties except in the case where it could cause further injury.
4. Don’t move/remove any object/material that was involved in starting the fire.
5. Leave the area immediately and go to the designated assembly point for that area.
You must ensure your employees all know this one important rule about these duties.
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Your employees must follow this important rule to fulfil these duties

Your employees must remember to act immediately. This is a cardinal rule of emergencies because every second counts. 
As soon as your employee discovers an emergency, he must react and hit the fire alarm. This will signal the start of the emergency evacuation procedure. 
After that, he must respond like all your employees and mustn’t try be a hero just because he discovered the emergency.
If the employee that discovers the emergency remembers to fulfil these five duties quickly it will help you get everyone out safely.

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