If you don’t have these two things on your office walls, you’re unprepared for a fire emergency

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 16 Sep. 2014

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Of all the emergencies that could happen, a fire is possibly the worst. It can quickly get out of hand and could destroy everything in seconds.

To save your workplace and your employees, you have to have these two things on your office walls. If you don’t, you’re unprepared.

Read on to find out what these things are and how they’ll help you…


If these two things aren’t on your office wall, you haven’t prepared for a fire

1: Fire extinguishers
Whether you have foam extinguishers or a fire hose, you have to have some form of firefighting equipment mounted on your walls. The reason you need to mount these on your walls is so your employees can grab them as soon as a fire starts.
You need to place several of these around your office so any employee in any area of your workplace can quickly and easily get to this equipment and stop the fire before it spreads.
Here’s the other thing that must be on your walls.
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2: Emergency signs
You need emergency signs up around your workplace. These tell employees where things are so they don’t run around looking during a fire emergency.
The emergency signs you need are your emergency exit sign, fire equipment sign and first aid sign. You need to place these high up on the walls of your office so your employees can see where everything is, even from the other side of the office.
Just by putting these two things up you can help employees stop and escape a fire with ease, so put them up on your office walls today.

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