Stop workplace disasters from destroying your workforce by taking this easy step

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 14 Oct. 2014

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Workplace emergencies can happen at anytime. They can strike when you least expect them and they could wipe out your whole workforce.

But you can prevent them from having this devastating effect.

All it takes is a bit of careful preparation, forward thinking and the right training…


Take this step to prevent disasters, from killing your employees

To limit the effect of a disaster you need to ensure your employees can protect themselves.
So how do you do this? 
By training your employees on what to do in an emergency. This way you won’t have to deal with emergencies single-handedly.
Your employees need to know what to do when it comes to:
- Evacuations;
- Emergency first aid;
- Fire fighting;
- Emergency responses; and
- Dealing with emergency services.
This information will help them get out of an emergency unharmed.
But you should also give your employees emergency training on these three topics just in case.
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Give your employees training on these three topics in case a deadly emergency strikes

1. Train your employees on what to do if they have injuries and need medical attention but they can’t get to or find any of your first aiders. This would help them greatly if, for example, they’re trapped in a building.
2. Train employees on what to do if they’re stuck somewhere, such as an elevator, because of an emergency and they can’t get out. They need to know how to signal someone’s attention so they can get help.
3. Teach employees on how to help each other get out of emergency situations. This can include how to get them to a first aider if they have injuries or just how to get them out of the building.
Ensure you take this step so disasters don’t destroy your workforce.
PS. Check out the Emergency First Aid CD for everything you need to train your first aiders on what to do when disaster strikes.

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