Three crucial things you must do to respond to a workplace fire

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 19 Sep. 2014

Tags: workplace fire, fire emergency, fire disaster, fire safety, fire safety procedures

A fire is one of the worst disaster that can happen in your workplace. It won’t only destroy your business premise and property, it also puts your employees in danger.

All this means is you need to know exactly how to deal with a fire emergency. Otherwise you and your employees may lose more than just your work.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you or your business, ensure you do these three things if your workplace has a fire emergency…


Three things you must do if there’s a fire emergency in your workplace

#1: If there’s a fire in your workplace call on your fire team. These are the employees you’ve appointed and trained to use firefighting equipment. They can help you keep the fire under control until the fire department arrives to put it out.
#2: Ensure all your other employees evacuate the premises quickly and calmly. You need to train all of your employees on your evacuation procedures. This way they’ll know what to do and will follow your procedures.
If you don’t give your employees this training beforehand you may have to chase panicked employees around to get them out.
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Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?
If a fire breaks out in your building, would your employees know what to do or how to use the fire extinguisher?
#3: Call the emergency services. Even with the help of your fire team and first aid team there’s only so much you can do. You need the help of professional emergency service professionals. That’s why you must call the fire department and paramedics. They’ll ensure your employees and your business premise survive this emergency.
There you have it. If you do these three things when there’s a fire emergency in your workplace, you’ll be able to manage the situation successfully.

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