Three reasons you need to protect your workplace from the recent spate of severe storms

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 02 Oct. 2014

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In the last few weeks, South Africa has experienced a spate of severe storms. These came with serious thunder, lightning and golf-ball sized hail stones.

These hail stones caused serious damage to cars, homes and other property.

You might think your office building won’t suffer any harm if another severe storm strikes but this isn’t true. Your business premises are just as vulnerable to storm damage as any other property.

In fact, there are three reasons why you need protect your workplace from these severe storms…


Protect your workplace from severe South African storms or suffer the consequences

Severe storms can damage any building. The golf-ball sized hail stones people in Johannesburg experienced during the last storm could easily break windows, damage external power supplies, knock out aerials and break roof structures.
When you think of it this way, you realise how important it is to protect your business against these storms. But that’s not the only reason. Here are three others:
Reason 1: You must protect your workplace to protect your employees
Let’s say, a few of your employees sit near the windows in your office. If a severe storm with large hail stones and strong winds strikes, it could easily break those windows. 
This puts your employees in danger as the glass could seriously injure them.
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Reason 2: Protect your workplace and save your company money
If a violent storm strikes and damages your workplace, you’ll need to spend thousands fixing it. If you take steps today to protect your workplace, such as shatter proof windows and housing cases for your power supplies and aerials, you can avoid this cost. 
Reason 3: Protecting your workplace will keep your business running smoothly
If a severe storm knocks out your power supply or Internet connection, your business will have to stop work. That means decreased productivity and lost revenue.
There you have it: Protect your workplace so storms don’t affect your business operations.

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