Use these four simple tricks to speed up your evacuation procedures in the event of a workplace emergency

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 11 Sep. 2014

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When an emergency takes place, one of the most important things you can do is get your employees out – FAST. To do this you need to have evacuation procedures in place.

But even if you do, there are things that could slow the process down and leave your employees in danger.

That’s why we recommend you use these four simple tricks to help speed up your evacuation procedures and get your employees out safely and in time...


Speed up your evacuation procedures with these tips

Trick #1: Create a clear pathway to your emergency exits
If there’s furniture or stuff in the way of your emergency exits, your employees will have to go over or around it to get out. This slows them down. Even if it costs them seconds, those seconds are vital.
That’s why you must create a clear pathway and remove anything blocking the exit.
Trick #2: Train your employees on your emergency procedures
If your employees know what to do, they can do it without waiting for instruction. This will speed everything up and ensure they get out.
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Trick #3: Use safety sayings and acronyms to help employees remember what to do
Fear is powerful and it could cause your employees to forget your evacuation procedures. 
But safety acronyms like C.A.L.M. can help your employees remember what to do even in the scariest situations.
Trick #4: Create evacuation teams
If you have different departments, appoint an evacuation leader in each one. These teams must work together to get your employees out safely.
This will speed things up as teams will move together instead of everyone running in panic and blocking the exit.
These four tips will speed up your procedures so everyone gets out before your workplace emergency turns deadly.

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