You have three employer obligations when it comes to workplace emergencies

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 24 Oct. 2014

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When disaster strikes everyone needs to springs into action fast. But you, as the employer, have very specific duties you must fulfil.

After all, it’s your duty to keep your employees safe at work no matter what the danger is.

To help you do that, we’re revealing the three obligations you have as an employer when it comes to workplace emergencies…


These are the three emergency obligations you have 

It’s your duty to identify all possible emergencies, prepare for them and make sure your employees know what to do. To do this, you must:
1. Give clear instructions and information
This is where your emergency evacuation manual and emergency training is vital. You need to give your employees the information they need so they can get out of the emergency safely. 
The more detailed your evacuation procedures manual is, the better. These instructions are vital.
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2. Hold regular practice drills
We recommend you do this at least every six months so your employees never forget what to do. This is important because, even if your employees read your manual, practice drills will give them a real life understanding of what to do when an emergency strikes. 
3. Conduct regular inspections of emergency equipment and escape routes
You have to do this to ensure you actually have what you need in an emergency. Imagine there’s a fire and your fire extinguishers don’t work? Imagine you discover the door to your fire escape is jammed when you need to get your employees out! Regular checks will help you prevent situations like this.
We recommend you do this every six months to check your evacuation plan is working. 
Remember, it’s your duty under the OHS Act Section 8 to create and maintain a healthy and safe workplace. Fulfil these three obligations to ensure you do that.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on preparing for workplace emergencies.

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