Your emergency evacuation will go horribly wrong if you let these four things happen

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 15 Sep. 2014

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It’s hard to keep your cool in an emergency. But you have a duty to get your employees out safely. That’s why you must remain calm and manage the situation.

You also have to keep everyone on track and ensure they follow the right procedures. But that’s not all you have to do.

You have to stop things from going even more wrong than they already have. If you don’t, that emergency will become a full blown disaster.

That’s why you need to prevent these four things from happening during your emergency evacuation...


Stop these four things from happening during your emergency evacuation or else

1. Stop your employees from panicking. If your employees panic they’ll start acting on their basic instinct to survive. There will be no time for rational thoughts or following procedures. They’ll just run and cause even worse problems.
You must keep everyone as calm as you can while ensuring they get out quickly. {LINK}
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2. Stop employees from forgetting your emergency procedures. In a high pressure situation, it’s easy to forget what you should do. If your employees forget what to do, panic may set in. Find ways to help employees remember by putting emergency signs around your office that indicate emergency exits or equipment. These images will help jog your employees’ memory.
Also teach them safety sayings or acronyms such as C.A.L.M. that they can easily remember.
3. Don’t let anyone help manage the situation if they don’t have the training. Only employees who have training in emergency response, firefighting, first aid or emergency rescue should help in these situations. Otherwise, they’ll make the situation worse.
4. Don’t let your employees waste time. If your employees take their time getting out, it could put everyone in danger. Get them to move along quickly without running.
If you can prevent these four things it’ll greatly improve your emergency evacuations. 

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