You’ll never have to worry about workplace fires if you do this

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 07 Oct. 2014

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Ever noticed that every building you go into has a fire extinguisher or smoke detectors somewhere? The reason for these ever present items is a fire can happen anytime, anywhere. All it takes it a single spark and everything can go up in flames.

Your business is just as vulnerable as any other.

The good thing is, you can protect your business and your employees from ever needing those precautions.

In fact, all you need to do is one simple, effective thing to keep your business safe from workplace fires for years…


Do this one thing and your company will be safe from workplace fires

The key to protecting your workplace against fires is preventing the common causes. 
And the most common cause of fires in your business is the electrical system.
And that’s why the key to preventing fires in your workplace is to maintain your electrical system. 
But it’s not just your building electrical circuit you need to maintain. You must also maintain all your electrical appliances.
This prevents them from deteriorating to the point that they can cause electrical sparks and fires.
Here’s how to go about doing this regular maintenance.
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To maintain all your electrical systems and appliances, call the right person

You must call a trained electrician to do the maintenance on your electrical systems and appliances. Get him to assess your circuit board, power outlets and appliances.
If he needs to do any maintenance, you must turn off your electricity. If he needs to work on one of your appliances, you must unplug it from the circuit completely. 
Doing this simple action every few months will help you prevent fires in your workplace by preventing one of the most common causes. 
PS. If you’re still worried about those workplace fires, check out the 7 Piece Fire Safety Training Toolkit. It contains everything you need to teach your employees on dealing with fires.  




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