Two first aid rules all your employees must obey

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 10 Sep. 2014

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First aid is a vital and legal part of your workplace health and safety. It’s how you know your employees can get help immediately if they have an accident.

But just like most things, some employees may misuse the system. If they do, it could lead to big problems in the case of a real emergency.

To prevent this, you need to enforce certain rules to keep your first aid working as it should. Here are the two most important rules you must enforce...


Your employees must obey these two first aid rules

1. They must never do first aid unless they have the training
Your first aider has the training and the qualification to do first aid. Your other employees may not have this. This means they may not know the correct procedures if they try to help someone with injuries. 
If they do and something goes wrong, they’ll be held liable for it. They could go to court or even to jail just for trying to help someone. Tell them to rather leave the first aid up to your qualified first aider.
Here’s the second rule... 
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2. They must never take anything out of the first aid box without permission from you or your first aider

If your employees help themselves to the things in the first aid kit, it’ll cause a problem when your first aider needs it in an emergency. Let’s say, she goes to grab a bandage because someone cut their hand open and she finds the kit is empty because people have just taken stuff.
Tell your employees if they take things out of the first aid kit without permission you’ll have to discipline them. They must tell you, or the first aider, so you can make a note of it. That way you’ll know how much your employees use and when you need to refill your kit.
Your employees must always follow these two rules so include them in your disciplinary code to enforce them. 

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