Vital information you must include in your first aid toolbox talk

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 18 Sep. 2014

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As part of your legal requirement as an employer, you must ensure your employees have access to first aid.

This means you need at least one first aider and a first aid kit.

But you also need to ensure your employees understand the point of first aid. Otherwise, they may think the first aider is simply there to hand out headache tables.

That’s why you must do a toolbox talk about your company’s first aid. Be sure to include this information when you do...


Use this structure when you do a toolbox talk about first aid

When you do a toolbox talk on first aid, it must follow the same basic structure that all good toolbox talks follow. This is the structure:
#1: Topic: What’s the subject of the toolbox talk.
#2:  What's at stake?
#3: What's the danger?
#4: Give examples.
#5: Show them how to protect themselves.
#6: Give the final word.
Using that structure ensure you, give your employees the following information about first aid...
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Here’s the information you must include in your first aid toolbox talk

-          Ensure your employees know that first aid is important because if they don’t deal with injuries at work A.S.A.P. they could get worse.
-          They need to know that if they don’t get first aid they could:
·         Get an infection in the wound; and
·         If the wound becomes septic they could lose a finger, hand or leg (depending on the injury).
-          Tell them that to protect themselves from this they must:
·         Always report an injury no matter how small;
·         Make sure they receive first aid treatment as soon as possible; and
·         Be honest about how they got injured.
If you ensure your employees understand this information, they’ll always  get the first aid they need.

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