Your first aid team: A vital company asset

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 18 Aug. 2014

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When it comes to accidents and injuries, you need to be able to get your employees help FAST!

This is where first aiders come in. These are the people that can help in any emergency and give your employees medical attention until paramedics arrive.

But how do you get this team of life savers together?

Well there’s a process. And you must follow it.

To ensure your company has this vital asset...


Here’s how to go about putting your first aid team together

The number of people you appoint to your first aid team depends on the size of your company. You need one first aider if you have ten or more employees and if you run a factory or industrial company that one first aider will look after 50 employees. If you work in an office, it’s one first aider for every 100 employees.
Depending on the size of your company you may need more than one first aider in your company. So choose employees who are willing to undergo the training and be part of your first aid team. 
Then you must train them.
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Here’s how to train your first aiders

When it comes to training your first aiders, the Health and Safety Advisor says you must only use certified training providers. 
You can check this by finding the training company’s Chief Inspector (CI) number on its certificate.
Here are some examples of training providers in South Africa:
- St. John’s Ambulance;
- SA Red Cross;
- And other company accredited by the Department of Labour.
Remember these certificates are only valid for three years so you’ll need to retrain your employees. Make sure you do this before their certificates expire or your company will be without first aiders until they complete their training again.

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