11 tips for the most successful safety audit possible

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 04 Aug. 2014

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When it comes to safety audits, you must prepare and focus. Otherwise it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus of the aim of your audit.

But once you’re in the process, there’s a whole lot you need to remember as well. When it comes to getting the right information from the right people you have to be friendly, firm, focused, patient and goal driven just to name a few.

So to ensure you achieve the best health and safety audit possible we have 11 tips that’ll help you get all the right information...

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Use these 11 tips to ensure your safety audit is effective

1. Be precise 
You need to know exactly what your goals are and don’t sacrifice them. Ensure your employees give you clear and exact answers so you can achieve those goals.
2. Be prepared
Planning and preparing is the best way to ensure your audit runs smoothly.
3. Keep a sense of proportion 
You need to know what’s important and when you have the information you need, move on. Don’t focus on one area for too long in the hopes of finding deeper errors.
4. Be human
You need to be approachable to the people you’re interviewing so they feel comfortable answering your questions.
5. Be determined, decisive and direct
Even if you want to be friendly in the way you interview people don’t let them stream roller you. Show them you’re there to get the answers and you’re not stopping until you do.
6. Get on with the job 
Don’t waste time, you have a job to do and you must remain focused on it.
7. Be fair
Don’t bully the people you interview for answers.
8. Discuss any problems on the spot
If you uncover a problem you must deal with it at once instead of waiting till you’re done with interviews.
9. Return to an area for more evidence if you need it
If something doesn’t feel right, go back and get more information.
10. Keep an eye out for obvious clean ups
If a department knows there’s an audit coming, they may do a cleanup job to hide problems. Look out for this so you don’t miss any hidden problems.
11. Sample the system
You can’t check everything so focus on a smaller sample of your health and safety programme to get an idea.
These 11 tips will ensure you get the information you need for a really effective safety audit.
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