17 OHSAS 18001 audit checks you must do when assessing your health and safety implementation

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 14 Nov. 2014

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If you don’t implement your health and safety programme correctly it could have gaps in it. These gaps can cause serious health and safety problems and lead to penalties from the DoL.

But, by doing an OHSAS 18001 audit on your company’s health and safety, you can find these weak points in your implementation and operations.

Here are the 17 OHSAS 18001 checks you need to do when performing this…

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During your OHSAS 18001 audit, check these 17 points on the implementation and operation of your health and safety programme

1. You allocated a top manager with full responsibility for health and safety throughout your company;
2. Your managers have responsibility in your health and safety management system;
3. Your managers have accountabilities in your health and safety management system;
4. There’s clear delegation of authority in your health and safety management system;
5. You have allocated any necessary resources;
6. All your employees are aware of their responsibilities;
7. All your employees are aware of their responsibility to others their activities may affect;
8. All your employees are aware of the consequences of their actions;
9. You put a training, awareness and competence assessment programme in place for employees working under its control;
10. You put a refresher training programme in place;
11. You have a system for effective, open, two-way communication on health and safety information;
12. You have health and safety specialist advice/services available in your company, where appropriate;
13. You involve and consult with workers and external interested parties on matters of health and safety;
14. You have an adequate documentation system in place;
15. You have a system in place for keeping documents up to date and relevant;
16. You have contingency plans in place for emergencies, including arrangements for evacuating the site, liaising with the emergency services and starting-up following an emergency; and
17. Your emergency response takes into account the needs of relevant interested parties.
If your health and safety implementation and operations passes these 17 checks, it will get an A+ on your OHSAS 18001 audit. 
To find out more about doing OHSAS 18001 audits yourself, check out the OHSAS 18001 Audit Kit.

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