Look for these three tell-tale signs to spot a clean-up job during your safety audit

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 07 Aug. 2014

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The point of any safety audit is to ensure your health and safety programme does what it should. To achieve this you have to get honest information about the state of health and safety in your company.

That’s harder than you think. If there are problems in one of your departments, your manager may try to cover them up.

Luckily there are ways to spot an obvious clean-up job. It’s important that you do so, so you can get to the bottom of health and safety problems and fix them.

Here’s what to look for to spot the tell-tale signs of a clean-up job...

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Root out hidden health and safety problems during your safety audit by looking for these three clean-up job signs

If you don’t spot hidden problems, they’ll continue to exist and get worse. This means increased accidents and injuries.
That’s why you always need to carefully inspect every area of your business that you audit. When you do, ensure you look out for these three signs of an obvious clean up:
1. Unsure employees
If your manager has put slapdash safety procedures in place to create the illusion of safety management, your employees won’t know what’s going on.
Speak to employees in each department to see if they know what’s going on with the safety procedures.
2. Poor quality repairs
If you see a safety problem, such as a loose carpet tile, that someone fixed badly, it may mean your manager tried to quickly fix the problem.
3. Missing documentation 
If you think your manager has tried to clean-up a health and safety mess, check the documentation. If he’s just put procedures in place, there won’t be clear documentation. If he’s tried to hide safety problems, there may also  be documents missing.
Remember, you need to carefully examine every detail during a health and safety audit. It’s the only way to ensure your health and safety programme really works.
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