Three key factors that could make or break your safety audit

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 06 Aug. 2014

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It’s important to do a safety audit at least once a year. It’s the best way to assess your health and safety programme and ensure it’s working and fix what isn’t.

But if your safety audits are ineffective and don’t uncover the right information, you can’t fix the problems.

This may happen if you’ve forgotten about these three factors that could make or break your safety audit...

These three factors could be the thing that breaks your safety audit

A safety audit is all about speaking to employees to get information and assessing their safety at work. This will help you determine if your safety procedures work or not.
But to get the right information and have a successful audit you must pay attention to these three factors:

1. Planning
If you don’t plan your audit process properly it’ll be all over the place. You’ll end up wandering for one department to another taking a quick look around and asking a few vague questions. The safety audit won’t have any structure or guidance.
If you spend time planning though, your audit will be effective, efficient, to the point and successful. Plan the departments you want to audit, the people you want to interview and the questions you want to ask.
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2. Time
If you rush the audit process, you’ll have major gaps in the information you collect. Take your time with every assessment and interview so you can get all the details right.
3. Your attitude 
The way you approach your employees during your audit interviews has a big impact on the information you get from them. If you’re harsh and rude they’ll;
a) Probably be too scared of getting in trouble to answer you; and
b) Won’t want to help you.
If you’re polite and friendly it’ll put them at easy and make them want to help you.
So be sure to plan, take your time and be friendly during this health and safety audit process so you can get the most relevant information. 
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