Five items the DoL expects to see in your health and safety policy... Or else

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 28 May. 2014

Tags: safety policy, ohs regulations, construction regulations, safety programme, safety management

The DoL can inspect your construction site at any time without prior warning. So it’s vital you have all of your policies and procedures in place.

But having a health and safety policy isn’t enough. It must look a certain way and describe and display certain things.

In fact, the DoL expects to see five very particular things in your health and safety policy. Don’t have them, and you’ll get a BIG fine.

Read on to discover what these five things are…

One simple step to win over any labour inspector
By law if you operate any machinery in your workplace, you must display the General Machinery Regulations Schedule D (Or Schedule C if you use boilers) where your employees can see it. This will be one of the first things a labour inspector will look for.
Take this simple step for a good start to any inspection.

You must ensure your health and safety plan meets these five requirements

When you draw up your health and safety policy, make sure:
1. You’ve written it out. Some companies wrongly assume that if they follow safety procedures they don’t have to have them in writing;
2. Your policy describes the kind of busy and work your company does. For example, are you a small construction company in Johannesburg or electrical engineering company in Cape Town?
3. You state your intention to comply with the OHS regulations and legislation that applies to you;
4. You state your intention to provide a safe and healthy working environment according to construction regulations; and
5. You outline when and how you’re going to review your policy and safety programme. You must include supporting documents that show when and how you’ll review your health and safety management system.
The Health and Safety Advisor has one last thing you should do to give your policy more weight.
With the Health and Safety Advisor you’ll:
Have peace of mind knowing you have the correct understanding of the OHS Act;
Know how to correctly apply the laws in your workplace;
Avoid penalties devastating to your budget (can reach over R100 000!);
Meet the DoL’s accepted standards;
Get rid of stress related to safety; and
Have peace of mind that your employees are working in conditions of maximum safety and health at work.
Order yours today….

The Health and Safety Advisor’s top tip to give your policy more weight

The Health and Safety Advisor suggests you get all of your company directors to sign off on the policy. This shows they’re all committed to health and safety. 
If you can show the DoL this, along with all the other requirements, your health and safety policy will pass inspection with flying colours.




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