Pssst! The DoL inspector wants to see three health and safety documents… Do you have them?

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 10 Oct. 2014

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The DoL doesn’t mess around when it comes to non-compliance. If it catches you breaking the OHS Act, it WILL punish you.

To catch employers guilty of non-compliance, the DoL sends out inspectors to check on workplaces.

If an inspector shows up on your front door, he’ll take a look around and ask you to show him three particular documents.

Do you have them?


There are three health and safety documents you must be able to show the DoL inspector

1. Health and safety policy
This is the document you must create and use to enforce health and safety in your workplace. It contains all the rules you and your employees must follow and also includes the punishments for not complying with your health and safety rules. 
The inspector wants to see this document to assess how you treat health and safety in your workplace.
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2. Health and safety plan
This document shows how you’ve implemented health and safety in your workplace. It shows what you must do, when you must do it and with who. 
It’s very important for the inspector to see this document as it shows him the steps you’ve taken and will take in future in the pursuit of health and safety compliance. 
3. Health and safety procedures manual 
This is the actual guide your employees must use to comply with your health and safety rules. It shows them how they must do their work safely and what rules they must follow while at work to protect themselves. 
These documents are vital to your health and safety compliance and that’s why you must be able to show them to the DoL inspector.
If you need an extra hand putting together all your health and safety documents check out the SHE File CD. It contains everything you need to start your health and safety file from scratch.

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