Three common workplace health and safety problems the DoL will punish you for

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 15 Oct. 2014

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The DoL doesn’t mess around when it comes to health and safety compliance. If it finds health and safety problems in your workplace, it will punish you harshly.

That’s the very reason you shouldn’t mess around when it comes to health and safety either. You need to take steps today to ensure the DoL doesn’t find any problems in your workplace.

And there are three problems you need to pay special attention to. If the inspector finds them, your business could pay the price…


Ensure the DoL inspector doesn’t find these three health and safety problems in your workplace

Problem 1: Damaged machinery without safety equipment
If your equipment and machinery has clear signs of damage, the DoL inspector will see a health and safety violation. If you also failed to put safety equipment in place, it’s even more dangerous.
This is the kind of problem that will lead the inspector to place prohibitions around that machine. He could also fine your company if you fail to fix this health and safety problem. 
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Do you want to be fined, jailed or have a criminal record for life?
If an accident occurs in your workplace, and the person dies, you could be charged with culpable homicide, charged penalties of R100 000 or 2 years in jail! The CEO or Owner of a company is personally accountable for health and safety at work. 
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Problem 2: Biological hazards without proper storage
Any kind of biological hazard can become a serious health risk if you don’t store it correctly. If a DoL inspector sees you don’t have adequate biohazard storage in your workplace, he could shut down your entire workplace. 
The DoL won’t let you reopen until you clean everything up and put the hazard in proper storage.
Problem 3: Filthy workplace facilities 
Workplace facilities, such as toilets, bathrooms, showers, dining facilities and drinking water fountains, can quickly pick up dirty and bacteria because of how many people who touch and use them. If you do nothing about this health risk, the DoL could fine your company and instruct you to clean them immediately. 
Deal with these health and safety problems in your workplace before the DoL catches you for non-compliance.

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