To spot problems during an internal health and safety inspection, use these three documents

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 22 Oct. 2014

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If a DoL inspector visits your company, he’ll look for problems with your health and safety. The only way to prevent this is to spot those problems first.

So how do you do this?

There are a few ways, but the easiest is with an internal health and safety inspection.

This allows you to find problems and fix them long before the DoL inspector shows up.

But to spot those problems, you need to use these three documents…


Three documents that will help you to spot problems during your health and safety inspection

When you do a health and safety inspection, you must compare what you see in your workplace, with what’s in your documents.
To do this you need the following documents. 
Document 1: Your health and safety plan 
You must use your plan so you can see if the health and safety measures you wanted to put in place are there and effective.
This will help you see if a problem exists because you didn’t implement your plan properly.
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Document 2: Your safety procedures manual
This will help you determine if how your employees work complies with your safe working procedures. This will also help you determine if your procedures are useful. 
Document 3: Your training register
Your training register will enable you to see which of your employees have had training. If they’ve had training and they still don’t follow your health and safety rules correctly, you need to retrain them.
These three documents will help you identify key health and safety problems in your workplace. Once you know what’s wrong, ensure you fix it before the DoL inspector arrives.
Check out the SHE File CD for all the health and safety documents you might need to complete your health and safety file. It will ensure you always have the documents you need to do an effective health and safety inspection. 

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