Use these two tips when inspecting and maintaining your workplace facilities

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 15 Apr. 2014

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In February this year, there were widespread reports about poor facilities at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. Problems ranged from dirty water to toilets with a seating area for spectators and a ‘no flush rule’ and heaters too high to reach. You certainly don’t want a situation like this in your workplace. Apply these two tips when it comes to workplace inspections and maintenance so you can ensure your facilities are risk free and in working order.

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  • Can an HSE officer do induction training?
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You must provide risk-free workplace facilities and inspect them

The Health & Safety Advisor says providing risk-free workplace facilities, like toilets and eating areas in offices and factories is a legal requirement.

But your duties don’t end there.

You have to inspect and maintain them to ensure they’re in working order. This will help ensure you’re in line with the requirements of the Facilities Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

If you want to do this effectively, use these two tips…

*Knock knock* The Labour Inspector arrives unannounced… Are you ready?

If you operate any machinery in your workplace, GMR Schedule D or C must be in clear view for employees to see. This will be the first thing the inspector will look out for when he’s paying an unscheduled visit to your workplace.  If you are missing these summaries, he will slap you with a fine. Don’t get caught without them.

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Follow these two important tips when inspecting and maintaining workplace facilities

Tip #1: Delegate responsibility in writing

Delegate the responsibility for ongoing inspections and maintenance of the facilities to a responsible person.

Appoint one of the cleaners or the cleaner’s supervisor to perform this task. In some cases, companies appoint an outside cleaning contractor.

The important thing is to have someone specific to hold responsible and accountable to rectify any noncompliance.

Tip #2: Have random inspections

Have random unannounced inspections to make sure the day-to-day conditions of the facilities comply with the regulations.

There you have it. Not only do you have to provide workplace facilities, but you have to ensure these areas remain clean, hygienic and well maintained. To do this, conduct regular inspections and apply the two tips we’ve provided.

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