Use this handy questionnaire to inspect your company’s emergency exits

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 13 May. 2014

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If you think the only workplace facilities you have to inspect and maintain are toilets and eating areas, you’re wrong.

You also have to inspect emergency exits in your workplace to ensure they’re clear from obstructions.

Continue reading to discover a workplace facilities inspection questionnaire you can use to inspect emergency exits in your premises.


Are you complying with the entire OHS Act and 19 Regulations?

Are you 100% compliant? How can you be sure?

Here’s an easy way to check…


Use these seven questions as a guideline when inspecting emergency routes

The following is an example of a workplace facilities inspection questionnaire. Use it as a guide to inspect emergency routes. You must ask yourself the questions below.

#1: Are all emergency exits clearly marked with the appropriate signage?

Reason: All emergency exits must be clearly marked (Regulation 9 of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces).

#2: Are all emergency doors clear from obstructions?

Reason: All emergency doors must be clear from obstruction (Regulation 9 of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces).

#3: Is a key available and accessible for the emergency door in a glass break box?

Reason: The Health & Safety Advisor says you must make sure there’s a key available in a glass break box next to the emergency door so employees can get to safety as quick as possible.

#4: Are there sufficient emergency lights available?

Reason: Emergency lights are necessary and a legal requirement in case of an emergency (Regulation 4 and 5 of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces).

#5: Are emergency lights tested every three months?

Reason: Emergency lights must be inspected, tested and maintained every three months (Regulation 5of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces).

#6: Do emergency lights have a luminance of at least 0.3 lux?

Reason: Emergency lights must have at least a luminance of 0.3 lux (Regulation 4 of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces).

#7: Does the emergency light switch on within15 seconds of failure of the normal lighting?

Reason: It’s a legal requirement for emergency lights to switch on 15 seconds after the loss of electrical power (Regulation 5 of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces).

Using this workplace facilities inspection questionnaire as a guide will help ensure your emergency exits are in line with safety laws.

PS: Do your employees know about the different fire equipment? If a fire breaks out in your building, would your employees know what to do or how to use the fire extinguisher?

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