What’s the difference between a safety officer and a health and safety representative?

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 25 Aug. 2014

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Your company’s health and safety isn’t a one man job. Even the OHS Act outlines several different appointments you must make. These appointments will help you manage your health and safety better and, this in turn will keep your employees safe.

But do you know the difference between these appointments? For example, companies throw the terms “safety officer” and “health and safety representative” around a lot but do you know the difference?

These are two of the most important appointments and they have very different jobs. So to ensure you appoint the right people to the job, we’re revealing the difference between them…


This is what your safety officer is and what he must do

Your health and safety officer is your second in command when it comes to health and safety. He must supervise your employees and ensure they work safely. 
He must also watch out for problems and help you develop and improve your health and safety programme.
His job is important because you can’t be on site to watch your employees 24/7, but your safety officer can. 
Then there’s your health and safety representative, his job is just as important.
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You’ve appointed a fire marshal, first aider and HSE rep, but if you haven’t done this one thing, you’ll be in hot water when the DoL comes to inspect you!

This is what your health and safety representative is and what he must do

Your health and safety representative is someone your employee body elects. He’s their representative in health and safety matters.
You must involve him in risk assessments, health and safety committees and investigation teams.
His role is very important because, as your employees’ representative, he knows what health and safety issues they’re concerned about and what dangers they face.
Together, these two people will help you manage and create a health and safety programme that truly works to keep your employees safe.

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