Company safety is all about awareness

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 28 Jul. 2014

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When you teach children about road safety you tell them to: “Look right, look left, look right again”. The point of that saying it to teach children to be aware of what’s coming before they cross the road.

When it comes to your employees’ health and safety, this same approach applies. Your employees must learn to look before they do anything. This way they can see what risks and dangers are around them.

So what must you train your employees on when it comes to their awareness?

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Train your employees to be aware of danger

When you tell your children that old road safety saying, you did it by repeating every time you crossed the road. After a while, they said it without you needing to say anything to them. 
When you give your employees OHS training, you should follow the same approach. 
Start this process with a toolbox talk. Explain the need to be aware and watchful for danger when on duty. Your employees need to understand the reasoning behind this training. 
Then you need to train them on the particular dangers they must look for. 

Train your employees to check these five things 

Train your employees to check the:
1. Condition of the tools, equipment and machinery they work with;
2. Condition of their PPE;
3. Environmental factors that could make their work more dangerous;
4. Behaviour and attitude of the other employees around them; and
5. Ways to detect the tool, equipment or machinery they’re working with is supported or in a safe position.
If your employees learn to check for these things they’ll be able to keep themselves safe from workplace accidents. This will greatly improve your workplace health and safety.
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