Do these five things to meet all your OHSA obligations when training your employees on health and safety

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 15 May. 2014

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According to Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), your primary legal duty is to give the necessary information, instructions, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Essentially, this means you must train your employees in these four specific areas of regulation: Hazardous chemical substances, lead, asbestos and construction.

But, where do you start with this difficult task?

By doing these five things….


Compile your own comprehensive Induction Programme

Do you know what your OHSA duties are as an employer?

Do your employees know what their duties are?

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When it comes to training employees, you can meet your OHSA obligations in five simple steps

#1: Carry out induction training

Ensure each employee is aware of the hazards and dangers attached to their work and the precautions to take.

#2: Provide specific safe-work procedure training for relevant employees

The Health & Safety Advisor says this includes “dealing with hazardous chemicals, operating machinery, doing construction work and noise abatement (by using PPEs such as earplugs if the noise level exceeds the legal 85dB).”

#3: Brief foremen and supervisors

Ensure foremen and supervisors are aware of the requirements of the OHSA and Regulations.

Don’t forget to do these two things if you want to fully comply with all your OHSA obligations when it comes to training employees on safety.


Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer

When was the last time you checked what disinfecting agents and cleaning materials your company uses?

Do you comply with the Hazardous Chemical Regulations?

There are over 1 500 items you must evaluate in your workplace according to the OHS Act and hundreds more from SABS 0400: National Building regulations.

Health and safety laws apply to EVERY company, if you have more than 20 employees you have even greater obligations.


Two more things you must do to comply with the OHSA’s training requirements

#4: Advise employees on the equipment they need to do the job, how to use the equipment and the consequences of not complying.

#5: Make all employees aware of their job descriptions (Section 8 of the OHSA).

For more info on this point, check out section E02 in your Health & Safety Advisor.

When you tell employees about their job descriptions, don’t forget to tell them about the role they can play in achieving an accident and incident-free work environment.

Also tell them about your company’s disciplinary code and how it deals with health and safety violations.

There you have it. Doing these five things will help you meet all your OHSA duties when it comes to training employees on health and safety.

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