Don’t know how to conduct a toolbox talk on inspecting lifting equipment? Here’s what to do…

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 15 Apr. 2014

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Lifting equipment is dangerous. Just last year, two people died in a crane accident at a Brazil stadium due to host World Cup opening match. Accidents like these are also widespread in South Africa. The good news is you can protect your workers by conducting a toolbox talk on inspecting lifting equipment.

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Tell your employees the following when doing a toolbox talk on inspecting lifting equipment

When you conduct a toolbox talk on inspecting lifting equipment, tell your employees about the importance of inspecting their equipment.

Explain to them that any part of lifting equipment can break at any time. And if they don’t do inspections on their lifting equipment, the following could happen: Lifting a weight that’s too heavy for the lifting equipment can damage the equipment and the load could fall if the lifting equipment breaks from the strain.

You must also advise your employees to do the following when it comes to lifting equipment…


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During your toolbox talk on inspecting lifting equipment, be sure to tell your employees to do the following five things to protect themselves

The Health & Safety Advisor outlines five things your employees must do to protect themselves when working with lifting equipment:

#1: Tell employees to inspect lifting equipment every day;

#2: The inspection must include checking guides, rope sand their connections, drums, sheaves, hooks, chains or pulleys and all safety devices;

#3: They must record inspection results into an inspection record book;

#4: The person doing the inspection must sign the record book; and

#5: Tell employees not to lift weights that are heavier than the specified weight allowed for the lifting equipment.

Now that we’ve told you everything about a toolbox talk on inspecting lifting equipment, conduct one today so your employees know about the dangers and how to protect themselves.

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