If your toolbox talk’s a bit rusty, you could be making these four major mistakes

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 18 Jun. 2014

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The best way to improve safety is to discuss safety issues. Where better to have this discussion than in a toolbox talk?

But if you haven’t done one in a while, you’re probably a bit rusty. A rusty toolbox talk could be full of holes.

These holes can turn into major mistakes. In fact, today we reveal the four biggest toolbox talk mistakes you could make if you’re out of practise...

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If you’re out of practise with toolbox talks you could make these four mistakes

If you haven’t done a toolbox talk in a while you may find you’ve forgotten a few important points. To ensure your employees hear your safety message, don’t:
1: Cram too many topics into one toolbox talk
You must focus on one safety topic during your toolbox talk. If you don’t, it’ll become vague and confusing.
2: Forget to tell your employees how to protect themselves
If you don’t tell your employees how to protect themselves from all these workplace hazards they’ll just become scared at work. We advise you use this toolbox talk structure so you never forget anything important.
3: Constantly repeat the same safety topics
If you sound like a stuck record, your employees are just going to stop listening. Keep your safety topics relevant and make your discussions interesting and interactive. 
4: Bore your employees with the same old thing
If your toolbox talks are always the same old lecture every time, employees may just tune out. Use all your possible resources to make your toolbox talks informative and interesting.
If you avoid these mistakes your company will benefit hugely...
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The best benefit of a flawless toolbox talk: Communication

According to the Health and Safety Advisor, a good toolbox talk can enable you to properly communicate with your employees on risks and precautions.
This will help you protect your employees from workplace accidents and increase their productivity. So ensure you avoid these four toolbox talk mistakes so you can reap the benefits.

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