Include these three sneaky things in your health and safety training they could make all the difference

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 30 Jun. 2014

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You know your health and safety training must cover things like what to do in a fire and how to work safely at heights.

All of these things help to ensure your employees can follow your health and safety procedures. But there’s more to health and safety than that.

Strong health and safety is about teamwork, communication and awareness. If you add these three things into your OHS training, your health and safety programme will tick all these boxes...

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You can achieve effective health and safety with clever OHS training 

Teamwork, communication and awareness; these are three values that should support your health and safety programme. It might be easy to train employees on how to use hand tools, but it’s not so easy to teach them to communicate.
You can achieve this though, by adding these sneaky things to your OHS training:
1. Discussion sessions: Encourage open communication by holding discussion sessions. Give your employees a space to share their opinions and give suggestions. 
End these sessions with a reminder that your employees can also come see you to discuss things further. This will establish an open door policy in your workplace. 
And it’ll also help you stay informed about what dangers your employees have to deal with every day.
2. Team building activities: Your employees might turn their noses up at the idea of team building, but it’s important. The best way to get the most out of a team building exercise is to ensure it doesn’t make employees uncomfortable. Make it a simple task like brain storming together on how they could fix a simple workplace problem. 
This starts the groundwork for co-operation and teamwork. 
But the last of these is probably the most important for health and safety...
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Awareness is vital for health and safety and you can develop it in OHS training

3. Regular feedback sessions: Ask your employees, when you meet with them, what they’ve seen at work to start to develop awareness. When your employees realise you want their feedback, they’ll pay attention to what’s around them so they can report back. 
This awareness could one day save their lives.
There you have it: If you add these three things into your OHS training, you can instil the values of teamwork, communication and awareness in your health and safety programme.

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