Is your employee’s lack of traffic and vehicle safety driving you insane?

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 10 Jun. 2014

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If vehicles play an important role in your business, you know how important proper traffic and vehicle safety is. But what if your employees don’t seem to share the sentiment?

Their lack of traffic and vehicle safety could be a major health and safety issue! And you must ensure your employees know how to use their vehicles safely.

That’s why today we’re sharing seven essential driving tips from a defensive driving instructor that you need to give to your employees to keep them safe on the roads...

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Seven defensive driving tips that could save your employee’s life

In a recent update, the Health and Safety Advisor revealed seven driving safety tips, straight from defensive driving instructors. It explained that your employees must:
Tip #1: Approach driving with the idea that every other driver is an unpredictable hazard. They could cause an accident at anytime so your employee must be on the lookout.
Tip #2: Be suspicious of gaps in traffic as they could be the result of someone else stopping to pick someone up.
Tip #3: Be predictable and don’t surprise anyone else in traffic.
Tip #4: use their blind spots and never just change lanes without looking.
Tip #5: Be a highway pro-driver and remember the left lane is for traffic that’s entering or exiting the highway.
Tip #6: Ensure they don’t become a one-car collision statistic. Single car collisions kill more people on the roads than any other type of accident.
Tip #7: Always apply general precautions and common-sense. 
If your employees do any of these jobs, they’ll benefit from these tips...
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The four types of employees who’ll benefit from these vehicle safety tips

If your employees:
1. Drive construction vehicles from one site to another;
2. Make deliveries using a delivery vehicle;
3. Drives an emergency vehicle; or
4. Offer general transport services;
They’ll benefit from these driving tips. 
So teach your employees the defensive driving safety approach to keep them safe on the roads. These defensive driving tips could be the difference between a major accident and road safety.




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