Once your employees finish their safety induction training, test them on these eight points to make sure they won’t have accidents

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 30 Jan. 2015

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You give new employees safety induction training to make sure they know your health and safety procedures.

But how much of it do they actually remember?

The truth is, when you give them so much information all in one go, they’re like to forget most of it.

So, check how much your employees remember by testing them on these eight points after their safety induction training…

Test employees on these eight points after their safety induction training

  1. General safety rules
Ask your employees to list your general safety rules. They need to be able to tell you your rules about:
  • Wearing PPE;
  • Smoking at work;
  • Safe behaviour;
  • Reporting hazards; and
  • How to follow safety signs.
  1. Machine safety procedures
Ask employees to detail the safety procedures they must follow when they work on machines. For example, they must to tell you that they must:
  • Put on the correct PPE;
  • Check the machine guards are down and locked in place;
  • Start the machine;
  • Let it run while they check everything is working correctly; and
  • Check the area is clear and other machine operators have their PPE on.
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  1. Risk management
Employees need to know about the role they play in risk management. Ask them to tell you what they must do to prevent risks. This includes:
  • Reporting hazards;
  • Following safety procedures;
  • Reporting accidents;
  • Inspecting work areas before starting work; and
  • Behaving safely.

  1. Housekeeping
Keeping your workplace clean and tidy is an important part of safety. Ask employees to explain their housekeeping duties. These must include:
  • Putting tools and equipment back in their storage space;
  • Picking up left over materials from the floor and work surfaces;
  • Closing chemical containers properly;
  • Putting any chemicals or other containers away in their safe storage area; and
  • Cleaning up any spills or messed materials.
  1. Reporting incidents
After safety induction training, employees should be able to tell you:
  • Who they must report incidents to;
  • When they must report them;
  • What they must do when reporting; and
  • What they must do after reporting.
  1. Emergency procedures
This is one of the most important points for your employees to remember. Ask them to go through the process for emergencies. They must include:
  • What the emergency alarms sound like;
  • What employees must do when they hear these alarms;
  • Which exits they must use when they leave the building;
  • Where they must go once they’re out the building;
  • Who they must report to; and
  • Which employees can go back to help with the emergency.
  1. Working at heights
Employees must be able to tell you what the procedures are for working at heights. These include:
  • Which PPE to wear;
  • How to put on and use that PPE;
  • How to get onto the raised platform safely; and
  • How to make sure their tools don’t fall off the platform.
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  1. First aid
Employees must be able to tell you:
  • Who the first aiders are;
  • Where they can find them;
  • What kind of first aid help they can give them; and
  • What to do after they get first aid.
It’s important to make sure your employees remember these eight points after their health and safety induction training so they don’t have serious accidents.
To help them remember, do toolbox talks on these topics in the weeks that follow their training. You can get ready-to-use toolbox talks in the Toolbox Talks Kit

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