There’s no reason for your employees to have serious workplace accidents, when you can do THIS to protect them

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 27 Aug. 2014

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If your employees have serious workplace accidents, it’s because you haven’t done everything you can to protect them. There’s no reason for this when protecting them isn’t a difficult task.

All you have to do is ensure your employees don’t come into contact with any serious hazards. This may seem difficult, but it’s not. All you need to do is observe your employees and reduce the risk they face during their work.

And if you really want your employees to be safe, you need to look at your legal obligations. There’s one that’ll ensure your employees stay safe...


If you want your employees to be safe, you must ensure you fulfil this one legal obligation

You must, by law, give all of your employees health and safety training. This training is the best way to ensure your employees stay safe at work is to give them OHS training
It’ll teach them to protect themselves. It’s also vital in terms of helping them recognise and understand the dangers they face. This will ensure they know when to be extra careful. 
You need to do this through a training service provider with the right accreditations. Ask them for their registration certificate so you can ensure they’re registered with appropriate training bodies. Ensure your employees’ training covers these seven topics...
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Your employees’ training must cover these seven topics

1. How to recognise risks;
2. Safe working procedures;
3. How to use their personal protective equipment;
4. What to do in case of emergencies:
5. How to behave safely at work;
6. What the different warning signs means; and
7. Their health and safety responsibilities.
If you ensure your employees have training on all of these points, you can rest assured knowing they know how to keep themselves safe.

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