Use these nine tips to ensure your employees use ladders safely

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 25 Apr. 2014

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You must ensure employees use ladders safely. If you don’t, they’ll get hurt and you’ll have to stop hurt stop production for days while investigations take place. This equals lost time and money for your business. What’s more, the Department of Labour will fine you. You can’t afford to take that risk. Use these nine tips to ensure employees use ladders safely.


3 Tips to get your employees to comply with health and safety laws

Employees think that safety is something “management’ must do. They’re wrong. Employees also have duties to comply with the OHS Act.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your employees comply. Don’t know how to do it?

Here’s how…


Tell your employees to apply these nine safety tips when using use ladders

The Health & Safety Advisor says your employees must:
  1. Make sure the ladder’s non-slip devices (feet) are in good condition and securely bolted to the sides of the ladder (stiles);
  2. Make sure the steps are properly fastened to the sides of the ladder by nails, screws, spikes or something similar;
  3. Ensure wooden ladders are made of straight-grained wood (“grained” refers to the alternating regions of darker and lighter wood). The wood mustn’t have any defects and the grain must run in the length of the stiles and rungs so that the wood doesn’t snap and break;
  4. Not paint or cover wooden ladders. If they do this, they won’t be able to notice cracks or other weaknesses and can fall and hurt themselves;
  5. Make sure the stiles aren’t damaged or missing. If they are, employees could fall or the ladder might collapse;
  6. Make sure there are no missing rungs. Employees could miss a step and fall;
  7. Check that the nails (or rivets) are secure before they use the ladder;
  8. Check that the parts of the ladder are in good working condition (lubricate if necessary); and
  9. Clean the ladders of any material that shouldn’t be on it (e.g. wet paint, mud, snow, grease, oil).

Warning! You’ll face these penalties if employees don’t use these safety tips when using ladders


Double-sided tape will guarantee your health and safety law compliance!

By merely owning and using double-sided tape you’ll be 100% compliant with health and safety laws, avoid penalties by the Department of Labour (DoL) and fulfill your legal requirements. Sceptical?

If you own this adhesive, AND put it to good use, I can promise you the following:
  • You’ll be better prepared for each and every DoL inspection
  • You’ll ensure your employees know their rights and responsibilities
  • You’ll empower your employees to make their OWN practical and reasonable decisions about health and safety in your workplace

All you need to do is use it to keep up the GMR Schedule D or C and the OHS Act– this is a legal requirement!


The DoL will punish you harshly if you fail to ensure your employees use ladders safely

If your employees use ladders in an unsafe manner, the DoL will slap you with harsh penalties.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, apply the safety tips we’re outlined and be sure to check out the Health & Safety Advisor for more safety tips.

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