Use these three methods to educate your employees about electrical hazards in your workplace

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 23 Oct. 2014

Tags: electrical hazards, health and safety training, ohs training, training on electrical hazards, preventing electrical disasters

From electrocution to electrical fires, your electrical system is one of the most dangerous forces in your workplace.

That’s why your employees must know how to handle electricity correctly and deal with disasters if they happen.

But how do you go about educating them on these dangers?

To help you do this effectively, we’re revealing three of the best ways to do so…


Educate your employees on electrical hazards using these three methods

When preparing your employees to work with anything dangerous, you must give them health and safety training.
You can do this through:
1. Formal training;
2. Toolbox talks; and 
3. Demonstrations.
This is especially important when it comes to educating your employees about electrical hazards.
You should use all three different training methods to constantly inform your employees about the electrical dangers in your workplace. In addition, give your employees the knowledge they need to prevent or manage electrical disasters.
Here are the five points you should cover when you give them this OHS training…
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Five points on electrical disasters you must train your employees on

1. The dangers of electricity
Ensure your employees understand why they have to be careful when they work with anything electrical.
2. How to work with electricity safely
Create a safe working procedure manual on how your employees must work with anything electrical, then train them on it.
3. What to do if there’s a short circuit in your electrical system
Employees must know how to deal with this before it causes a major disaster.
4. What to do if a colleague is electrocuted 
They need to know what to do in this situation so they can react quickly and help save their colleague’s life.
5. What to do if there’s an electrical fire
Your employees must know how to use your fire equipment and evacuate your building.
If you give your employees this training, you can rest assured they’ll deal with electrical hazards effectively.

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